[ADD-ON] Artisan Tea Box by Gryphon Tea Company

*This is an add-on item, only for sale with any personalized items on our website. Not for individual sale* In the event if the tea box cannot fit into your gift box, we will pack it outside the giftbox. A Dolce Surprise paperbag will be provided and we will placed both gift box and tea box inside the paperbag.

In partnership with local tea brand, Gryphon Tea Company, you can now add their best seling tea bags to complete your gift set. Each artisan tea box includes 20 individually packed tea bags in silken sachets. 

Artisan Tea flavours currently available on our website are:

1. Earl Grey Lavender 

2. Pearl of the Orient

3. Osmanthus Sencha (SOLD OUT)

4. Contessa Grey (SOLD OUT)

5. Treasures (Assorted 10 flavours) +[$1.00]

Product Description

Gryphon Tea Box

20x individually packed tea bags in a box.

Earl-Grey Lavender Ingredients:  Black tea with oil of Bergamot, Lavender flowers

Pearl of the Orient: Jasmine green tea, Rose petals

Osmanthus Sencha: Green tea, Osmanthus flowers

Contessa Grey: Black tea with oil of bergamot, Shiso leaves, Eucalyptus, Orange blossoms

Treasures (Assorted 10 flavours): Nymph Of The Nile, White Gingerlily, Lily Of The Field, Templetree Lotus, Mogambo, Tomatino, Marrakesh Mint, Contessa Grey, Straits Chai, Osmanthus Sencha (2 teabags in each flavour) 

Preparation Instructions are printed on box or wrapper of the teabags. For more information, you can visit Gryphon Tea website here

How to Order

  • Please indicate clearly in the box below which item would you like to add the tea box to. Mentioning name personalization will be the most clear. 
  • If your total number of personalized items ordered is 4 (for example 4 mugs are already in your cart) and you put 4 quantity of tea boxes in your cart, we will pack one tea box into each of your box and there is no indication needed. 
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here before carting out to be sure all your questions are answered and all your expectations are met. 
  • If you must have your tea box packed together with your gifts into a gift box, please drop us a message to ensure it can fit before making your purchase. 
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