Stainless Steel Oblong Tray in Matte Black (Small)

Product Description

A tray good enough to keep your keys, jewellery, loose change or whatever you want to put in it. Great for your wedding table display. 

Product Specifications

Dimensions (approx): 18cm x 8cm

Material: Stainless steel.

3 Colors Available: Gold, Rose Gold and Matte Black.

Personalisation Options

Personalisation: Single name or couple name (eg. Andy & Amanda) 

Add-ons: Personalisation of your favourite short phrase availble subjected to space constraints. Drop us a mail and we will see what we can do for you. *NOTE: Please note that for long texts only a limited selection of font types are available. The recommended fonts are Fonts 1, 3, 7 and 12. Font 7 may apply for shorter phrases. Please only select either Fonts 1, 3, 7 or 12 if you chose the add on personalisation option. 

Wording Colors: White only

Font Options: 15 Fonts available. Visit our Font library for full alphabetical fonts preview. 

Wording Limit (including spaces): 32 characters maximum. For short quotes or song lyrics exceeding 32 characters, do drop us a mail with your desired font choice (Only Fonts 1, 3 or 12) to enquire if it fits within the space constraints as choice of fonts also affect the number of characters we are able to put on. 

Points to Note

  • Product may have slight uneven surfaces. These are not considered defects and will not affect the overall aesthetics of the product. 
  • By carting out a product, you have checked and confirmed the personalisation details (ie. spell check). We will not be able to change the personalisation content once the vinyl is applied on the product. 
  • If there is a need to contact you over the designs, and you are uncontactable, we will NOT proceed with the personalisation and this may cause a delay in you receiving your items. 

What is Included

Price includes: One small oblong matte black tray and one personalisation.

Comes with a dolce surprise standard gift box and gift card, shredded paper and ribbon bow. 


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