Personalised Bath Towel in Graphite Grey

Product Description

The most functional gift of all gifts! Personalised with your name so you never have to use the wrong towel again. A personalized bath towel - because who doesn't need one? Unless you don't take baths, TMI but even so it doubles up as a super absorbant, lightweight and pretty cloth amirite?

Product Specifications

Dimensions (approx): 68cm x 130cm

Fabric Weight: 360gsm

Material: 100% Cotton 

Color: Graphite Grey

Personalisation Options

Personalisation method: Thread Embroidery.

Personalisation: Single name only. Name embroidery will be done on bottom right corner of towel by default. The longer the name, the smaller the font size. 

Thread colors available: White, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Black. 

Font Options: 3 Font styles available. 

Wording Limit (including spaces): 10 characters maximum. Drop us an email if your name is longer than 10 characters. 


Points to Note

  • Product may have stray threads. You may simply cut them. 
  • Marker marks may sometimes be visable on product. We use air/water soluble fabric markers to mark out centre points for embroidery. These marks can be easily washed off with water or rubbed off with damp cloth.
  • We use water soluble embroidery stablizer/ paper to ensure the best results. These paper remnants will easily dissolve when conctacted with water.
  • By carting out a product, you have checked and confirmed the personalisation details (ie, spell check). We will not be able to change the personalisation content once the embroidery is done on the product.

What is Included 

Price includes: One bath towel and one name personalisation.

Comes with a dolce surprise standard gift box and gift card, shredded paper and ribbon bow. 

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