Ceramic Mug with Lid in Light Grey Gryphon Tea Gift Set

In partnership with local tea brand, Gryphon Tea Company, you can now add their best selling tea bags to complete your gift set. Each box of Artisan Tea contains 20 individually packed tea bags in silken sachets. 

Tea flavours currently available on our website are:

1. Earl Grey Lavender 

2. Pearl of the Orient

3. Osmanthus Sencha (SOLD OUT)

4. Contessa Grey (SOLD OUT)

5. Treasures (Assorted 10 flavours) +[$1.00]

Product Description

Ceramic Mug with Lid in Light Grey

Premium mug with lid cover. Matte pastel color on the outside with a glossy finish on the inside. The lid comes with a rubber lining to prevent the lid from slipping off when the mug is lifted off the table. 

Gryphon Tea Box

20x individually packed tea bags in a box.

Earl-Grey Lavender Ingredients:  Black tea with oil of Bergamot, Lavender flowers

Pearl of the Orient: Jasmine green tea, Rose petals

Osmanthus Sencha: Green tea, Osmanthus flowers

Contessa Grey: Black tea with oil of bergamot, Shiso leaves, Eucalyptus, Orange blossoms

Treasures (Assorted 10 flavours): Nymph Of The Nile, White Gingerlily, Lily Of The Field, Templetree Lotus, Mogambo, Tomatino, Marrakesh Mint, Contessa Grey, Straits Chai, Osmanthus Sencha (2 teabags in each flavour)

Preparation Instructions are printed on box or wrapper of the teabags. For more information, you can visit Gryphon Tea website here

Product Specifications

Ceramic Mug with Lid in Light Grey

Dimensions: 9cm height, 11cm wide (with handle)

Volume: 400ml

Material: Ceramic, matte finish

Color: Light  Light Grey

Other Colors Avaliable: Light Pink

Personalisation Options

Ceramic Mug in Light Grey

Personalisation: Single name only. Vinyl will be applied horizontally across mug (as shown on photos). 

Add-ons: Personalisation on lid available at (+$2.00). (eg, Mr, Mrs)

Handle Position: Please indicate whether vinyl should be applied on LEFT or RIGHT side of handle. Vinyl will be applied on the RIGHT side of the mug by default if not specified. 

[For right handers, vinyls are suggested to be applied on the RIGHT side of the handle. For left handers, vinyls are suggested to be applied on the LEFT side of the handle].

Wording Colors: Gold Chrome, Rainbow Holographic, Gold, Silver, White or Black. 

Font Options: 15 Fonts available. Visit our Font library for full alphabetical fonts preview. 

Wording Limit (including spaces): 10-12 characters maximum.

Points to Note

  • Product may have slight uneven surfaces or tiny airholes. These are not considered defects and will not affect the overall aesthetics of the product. 
  • By carting out a product, you have checked and confirmed the personalisation details (ie. spell check). We will not be able to make changes to the personalisation content once the vinyl is applied on the product. 

What is Included

Price includes: Ceramic Mug with Lid in Light Grey, one personalisation (name only on mug) and 1 box of Artisan Tea from Gryphon Tea Company.  Items will be packed together in one single gift box. 

Comes with a dolce surprise standard gift box and gift card, shredded paper and ribbon bow. 

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